Okehampton United Charities. Funding for the community.
Friendly Circle – OUC awarded a grant of £700 to Okehampton Friendly Circle to support their monthly meetings in 2016.
Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association – OUC awarded a grant to Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association of £950 to contribute to new health and safety equipment.
The Illuminators netball team received a grant of £50 from Okehampton United Charity to contribute to the cost of new sweatshirts in January 2014.
Rev Mike Davies presented Chaos Muay Thai Training Centre with a cheque for £2,509 to purchase new equipment in February 2014
Wren Music’s 2014 lantern procession. Wren received a grant of £13,000 to contribute to the groups program of events in Okehampton for the financial year 2013/14. Photo Courtesy of Ian Snell Photography
£96,000 was awarded to 'Okehampton College' for new computer equipment in October 2012 from OEF
The 'Battle of the Bands' final, held in Simmons Park on 11th August 2012 and supported by OUC since 2007
£40,000 was awarded from OUC to North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team to contribute to the purchase of their new centre in 2013/14
'Time for Life' received a grant of £952 from OUC in September 2012
'St James Chapel' has received grants from OUC since 2003 to maintain the building and fund free events
£24,820 was awarded from OUC to Room 13 to contribute to the ongoing rent of the centre and additional weekend sessions 2013/14
The 'New Skate Park Project' supported by OTC and Room 13 was awarded a grant of £35,000 in March 2012 from OUC
West Devon Methodist Circuit were awarded a grant of £5,000 in October 2013 to contribute to the youth work undertaken in Okehampton.
The official opening of the Pavilion in the Park took place on the 8th February 2014, OUC awarded OCRA £200,000 to complete the £720,000 project. photo courtesy of James Bird.
The Ockment Centre was awarded a grant of £12,500 in November 2013 to support the centre’s annual running costs. photo courtesy of Okehampton Times.